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This article gives you useful hints and tips to improve your chances of success on WitchDating.

  • You have far more access to our members if you upgrade to one of our package plans, this will allow you to contact them directly on the site giving you the chance to decide if you wish to take things further or not.
  • Ensure you have a good profile picture, make sure it is a good shot of yourself, ideally you alone to avoid confusion
  • Fill out your profile so other members can see what you like and contact you if they feel the same.
  • Enter your match details, the system will then offer you matches based on your wishes. Do not make you wishes too specific to get the widest choice.
  • Be yourself, your personality is as important as your appearance so let it shine through.
  • Let other members know your thoughts by starting a personal blog on WitchDating, you will be surprised how much interest this can get.
  • Create a photo album so people can see what you and your life are really like
  • Contact people that catch your attention, the worst that can happen is that they will not reply, and if you decide they are not right you can always block them.
  • If you don't know what to say to someone, use the Wink system, it lets them know you are interested instantly inviting them to contact you.
  • Going to the next level after you have introduced yourself by message or wink, you can contact them when they are online using our instant messenger.
  • Keep all your communications on our site for your initial contacts, until you are sure they are the right one. That avoids giving away personal contact details until you are ready, and you know the person well.

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